Gymnema Syvestre and the low carb diet

Gymnema Sylvestre, or Ram’s Horn, has been used for almost two thousand years to treat diabetes. It has been shown to stabilize blood sugar without triggering the hypoglycemic levels that many treatments can cause. When you consider that it is also a diuretic, you can see that it is beneficial to anyone on a low carbohydrate diet. Our bodies easily convert carbohydrates into glucose, which is a “quick fuel”. A low carb diet seeks to force the body to burn fat as fuel instead; fat burns slower than carbs, so we can sometimes feel a bit fatigued or even light-headed due to a lower blood sugar level.

Gymnema helps the body maintain a more constant level, resulting in better endurance, which can be beneficial if an exercise program is part of the weight loss plan. In addition, it is far easier to stick to a diet plan, psychologically, when one feels well than when one is overly tired.

Add in that Gymnema has a diuretic effect, which helps counter-act the water weight gain that often accompanies a low carb diet, and you can easily see that this is an ingredient you will want to include in your regimen.