Ten tips for dieting success


Here are ten tips for dieting success.

1) Limit your caffine intake to twice a day because caffine is a stimulant and triggers your hunger responses.

2)My tip for weight loss is to keep your hands busy. Since I’ve taken up needlepoint, I don’t feel the need to snack like I used to. Besides, I don’t want to get any food on my work. Even when watching television,I keep my needlepoint nearby just in case I get the urge to snack. It really works!

3)When eating out, order salad dressing to be served seperately, or use lemon juice as a dressing. This saves many calories.

4)Generally, if I find myself craving ice cream, I know it means I’ve got a low-grade thirst. If I drink water instead, the craving for ice cream usually dissolves, and I don’t indulge. It’s also great for the skin.

5)This may sound silly, but it works for me. I like to go back for second helpings, but we know that’s not a good idea. I divide my portions in half. I eat my meal, then go back for the other half. This way I can have my seconds without over indulging!

6)Always eat your vegetables before any other parts of your meal. The bulky roughage gives you a full feeling in your tummy. And since you are eating them at the beginning of the meal, when you are most hungry, you are almost guaranteed to eat them all!

7)The number one thing everyone who has an eating problem should do is-go to the doctor!

8)Another thing I have found that helps is telling myself and everyone else that I’m eating healthy, not dieting. You’d be amazed at what the word dieting actually does to your mind! So eat healthy and train yourself to always eat healthy and you’ll lose the weight.

9) (3 to 4 half hour sessions per week of cardiovascular exercise are recommended to speed up your metabolism.)

10)When watching tv, change the channel or leave the room when those really tempting commercials come on, like pizza or resteraunt ads!! Especially when you are feeling hungry.

Also watch exercise programs such as ESPN’s Body Shaping or Flex Appeal, they give helpful hints and have enough beautiful bodies on the show for motivation! Dont forget get up and switch the channel. Leaving the remote out of reach is a good way to get extra excercise.