10 weight loss tips


Here are 10 weight loss tips to help you obtain your ideal weight and keep it there.

1) First thing every morning have two tablespoons of lemon juice in eight ounces of water. The water can be cold or hot or anywhere in between.

Of course, you sweeten it with an artificial sweetener. Apparently, citrus is Mother Nature’s diuretic, and when drinking so many fluids, it helps keep one from retaining them.

“Minute Maid” frozen lemon juice (found in any grocery store’s frozen juice department) is good because it has no preservatives or additives.

2) Put on your workout suit (different from the casual clothes you put on after arriving home from work). That motivates and remind you that after the children are bathed and in bed, it’s time to treat yourself to working out.

3) In response to suggestion that you chew gum to relieve the need to chew, I disagree. I have read and been told that chewing gum merely stimulates the gastric juices. The saliva that is produced while chewing goes down to the stomach, thus fooling the stomach into thinking there is food to be digested.

In my opinion, this merely causes you to be hungrier. I advise people to drink a class of water or chew on (fine) ice instead.

4)(A)The Diabetic Diet is a great, healthy, easy way to diet. Ask your doctor what he recommends and chances are it will be this one. It isn’t just for diabetics, but it does keep you HEALTHY while you diet.

(B) To figure out how many calories to have per day, take your target weight and multiple by 13 if you are not active, 15 if you are moderatly active, and 17 if very active. This will provide you with the correct calories to eat per day to support the weight you WANT to be. The extra weight will eventually go away.

5) Just moving around burns calories. Maximize this potential by doing little things all day. Instead of an elevator, take the stairs or my favorite, get a long phone cord so that you can pace around while talking.

6)Drink plenty of water, especially cold water (i.e., with ice or from the refrigerator). The body cannot use the water until it is warmed up to your body temperature. The colder the water, the more energy the body must use to warm
the water, thus burning more calories.

7) In the line of ‘eat slowly’ to elaborate–Give your brain a chance to find out that your stomach has received food. When you eat too fast you may think you want more food, and the result is often painful. By eating at a slower pace, you let the brain know that the body has received food and you are much less apt to want more. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to get the message that the stomach is full.

8) Eating small portions really does work for weight loss except you still feel hungry because you see the small portions on your dinner plate. A suggestion that was given to me was to eat your meals on a sandwich or dessert plate.If your mind see’s a full plate, it will register a full serving and you don’t seem to be as hungry when you’re finished.

9)Fiber is excellent for weight loss and healthy too. Not only does it make you feel full, it encourages bowel evacuation which cleans out your system. I keep prunes on hand as well as Citricel (look for the fibers that don’t encourage gas formation) and the health food stores now carry lots of very good internal cleansers.

All these work hand-in-hand with all that H2O you will be drinking. And we have all read the scarey stuff out about colon cancer. Fiber is linked with a reduced risk of colon cancer.

10) Here’s a tip that the doctor told me: When ever you get cravings for something that you have no business with while you are on a diet…eat it, because if you don’t,you`ll probably eat up the whole refrigerator.