How to Perk Up Tired- Looking Skin


How do you make a tired-looking face look more alive, especially on very early mornings? There is the quick fix and then there is the real thing.

The real thing begins with a healthy lifestyle, which starts with at least eight hours of sleep. It also includes brisk walks to get oxygen circulating to the skin, taking time to unwind, eating balanced meals and drinking lots of water.

But life interferes, and sometimes we wake with extreme fatigue instead of extra energy, which shows first on our skin.

When we have to wake early, or we’ve gone to bed too late, keep three tips in mind: make it quick, keep it simple and put color where nature intended it to be.
Follow up your regular morning skin-care routine with cold-water splashes to awaken the skin.

Wu, a new skin-care line that uses Chinese ingredients, has a one-minute facial, Morning Mask, that is so invigorating it may bring tears to your eyes (and tone the skin while imparting a bit of color).

Apply a sunblock, and then Vibrant by Prescriptives or Spotlight by Estée Lauder will add the most gentle sheen to facial skin. These products have sheer color particles that reflect light away from the skin.

Cover where needed — under the eyes, along the chin and around the nose.

Use a sheer tint on the cheeks; Benefit’s Benetint and Origins’ Pinch My Cheeks are sheer color stains that will add a rosy color to the cheek area.

Apply the darkest, thickest mascara you can find. Use an eyelash comb to get rid of any clumps.

Pat the lips with a sheer reddish-orange gloss. Try Tiffany by Nars.

Use a face shimmer — try Ultima II’s Coral Face Shimmer — all over the face, concentrating on brow and cheekbones.

To finish the look, wear a low ponytail at the nape of the neck for a polished look or high atop the head with loose strands for a younger ‘do.

Finally, wear the boldest, brightest earrings you can find.