Home Spa Treatments


Pamper yourself with a day at the spa–at home! Rebecca Kolls says that these three simple spa treatment recipes, using things from your own kitchen, will make you feel like a queen.

Foot scrub


Kosher salt
olive oil
essential oils (such as rosemary and peppermint)
a container

Fill the container with salt.

Add the olive oil to the salt until it becomes a slushy paste. The finer the grind of salt, the less abrasive the scrub.

Then add the essential oils. Rebecca uses 10 drops of rosemary and three to five drops of peppermint. This combination will have both a calming and an invigorating effect on the feet. Rebecca also adds a spring of rosemary for a decorative touch.
The salt is an exfoliant and will soften the skin. The oils not only soften, but also help induce energy into tired feet. Once you’ve thoroughly massaged the feet, wrap each foot with a steamed towel. Lay a dry towel on top to hold in the heat, allowing your feet to steep in the mask.

Hydrating hand mask


white French clay powder
rose petals
essential oils
hydrogen peroxide

Grind the oatmeal and almonds.
Add the French clay powder and rose petals. Mix all the dry ingredients and put a couple scoops into a bowl.

Add two or three drops each of essential oils to the dry mix. Rebecca uses rose and lavender.

Add enough hot water to the dry mix to create a wet oatmeal consistency, and then add enough peroxide to create a creamy base.

You can either brush on the mask or scoop the mixture into your palms and coat your hands with a lathering motion. The scrubbing effect will act as an exfoliant. Each component of the mask does some good for your hands. The oatmeal softens, the white French clay draws out impurities, the almond exfoliates and the hydrogen peroxide brings oxygen to the skin.

Homemade miracle mask


powdered kelp
oris root
dulce, which is also a seaweed
baking soda
essential oils

Start by mixing the dry ingredients together and put them in a container. Put a few scoops of the dry mix into a bowl.

Drizzle some of the honey over the dry mix. Then add two or three drops each of your essential oils. Rebecca uses peppermint to awaken the face with a tingling sensation and patchouli to calm the nerves as it softens the skin.

Add enough water to the mix to create something reminiscent of pancake batter. You’ll find that the honey gives this mask a really nice consistency.

Paint the paste over the entire face, being careful not to get it around the eyes.

Finally, wrap the face with gauze to generate heat and help keep the mask moist. The salt seaweed deeply cleanses while the honey softens to minimize fine lines. Once the gauze is attached, set a timer for ten minutes. After ten minutes, wash everything off and add moisturizer.