What’s new in tanning


With Tanning season right around the corner let’s check out what new for this season.


Street Diva is a designer blend of dark tan maximizers and nourishing exotic plant oils for high-end color and satin-soft skin.Indulge your inner Diva.

Hippophae Oil from the cool mountains regions of Europe and Russia is composed of vitiams, amino acids,and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, making it an ideal anti-aging agent. Used for centuries, this oil helps omprove skin’s texture and appearence, while promoting the healing of damaged skin Hippophae Oil naturally contains vitiams A, E and C to help protect and to nourish skin.

Carnitine, naturally derived from milk and proteins helps keep skin firmer and younger looking.
Theses special ingredients and an incredible fragrance combine with Supre’s maximum dark tanning complex to provide dark, rich, tanning while helping maintain smooth, heathly skin.


USA Tanning Products is dedicated to providing quality tanning products that come directly from the manufacturer and are shipped daily. When a purchase from USA Tanning Product is made, you are buying the freshest product. Using high quality lotion when tanning will save you tanning bed session dollars, promotes a longer lasting tan, and show suppler, ersiliet, younger looking skin.

The Partriot “Intensifier” a unique tingle- free blend is packed with over 15 amino acids including l-tyrosine, serine and valine to break through the toughest of tanning plateaus revealing extraordinary dark tanning results. Patriot combines the fragrance of fresh picked, sun -ripened raspberries and proven moisturizers enriched with vitamin E for softer, smootherskin and potent antioxidants, vitiams A and C, to protect the skin from free radical damage.

Freedom “Tingle Bronzer” uses cutting edge bronzing technology to provide maximum streak-free dark tanning results. This lotion is loaded with aloe vera, which locks in moisture to help hydrate the skin and maintain a deeper, long lasting tan.It has a light tangerine fragrance and a creamy texture.


St. Tropez introduced Shimmering Instant Self-Tanning Spray and it seems to be a hit in Europe and everyone that has seen it.
The St. Tropez Bronzing Mist gives an instant tan while illuminating the skin to capture and reflect light for a sexy, bronzed shimmer effect. This mist is oil-free and dries in 60 seconds. The tan will develop over three hours. Aloe leaf and AHA (fruit acid) allows for the richest, longest lasting tan.