Fighting the greasy lip blues


There are some great alternatives that are a great escape from the sometimes greasy and icky feel of lipstick. One of the greatest inventions (besides the television, telephone and Biore nose strips) is tinted lip balm.

I feel it’s so important to find products that have more than one purpose, but what’s more – ingredients that actually perform and have a purpose.

I adore the L’Occitane tinted lip balms for so many reasons. They come in 5 glamorous shades, including neutrals, clear and variations of rosy pinks.

They are made with pure Shea butter, which is one of the most effective raw ingredients available. Not only does Shea Butter nourish, but it regenerates, protects and is fabulously emollient.

This balm penetrates the lips, creating the dewiest and moisturized finish. You get all of the amazing benefits of the butter, while it nourishes, protects and repairs dry and cracked lips. The feel is silky, creamy and soft while leaving a subtle shine and tint…positively de-lip-cious!

If you feel particularly sweet, you can even use them as a tinted cream blush on your cheeks, now what more could we ask for from our lip balm! ($6-13 each, all shades available at

Another lip-lovin’ product that I would recommend is the Benefit Lipscription. This has a lot to offer with its AHA, jojoba-enriched scrubbing beads that allow you to get rid of all of the dryness, bringing a pink, healthy glow to lips before applying the creaming, nourishing lip balm to sink right in and create smooth & silky lips.

You can buy these at for $28 (comes with the buffing beads and lip balm).