Finding a new hair stylist


Searching for a new “YOU”? Is your hair in a Frump? Is no one looking any more?
Time to find a new hair stylist!

Lets hit the Mall

Where else is there such a group of different hairstyles? Start by hanging around a store that you would shop at. There you will see others with your same taste.

Check out the haircuts on the customers and clerks. If you see someone with an awesome haircut you like, go up to the person and politely ask them where they got the haircut at.Write it down just in case you start shopping and forget what you were really there for.

After you get a few names, it’s time to check them out.Go by the business and see where it is and what kind of clients go in and check out the hair styles on the ones that come out.

If you like what you see from the outside its time to adventure in and get a better look. Find out what services they offer, prices– and what they include, also salon policies.

Some stylist charge more than others and only cut the hair. If you want it dried you pay a Stylist to dry and style it for you.Most have a drying,styling area for clients to use that want to do their own hair.

But wait, its not time to dive right in and go for it yet!!Make a appointment for a shampoo style. While you are at the Salon getting your hair done you can check out the stylists and their clients to see who(if any) you want to cut your hair.

If your style doesn’t turn out and you get that creepy crawler feeling don’t worry you are only out a shampoo and style. Your hair could have been cut there.

Even a consultation can be great and when you come back for the appointment, they don’t even remember “YOU.”

Always check it out first.