The movement of black hair


Natural is back and with the freedom to move.

Curls are “IN” and free of chemicals

Natural curly or wavy hair are great for hair styles full of movement and class. Start with a good haircut and keep it trimmed regularly.

Apply a leave-in conditioner with moisture in it to wet hair. Products like Nolita Curl Definer,mop Modern Organic products Curl Enhancing Creme,or Artec Textureline Curlmemory Spiraldown Creme are good choices.

Let Your Hair dry completely before touching them. Then separate sections by hand and apply a little more product to the ends if needed.

If your curls are too tight you can change the look by adding some larger ones with a large curling iron. Make sure you use a thermal protector on the ends to keep the shine and to protect the hair.

Placing some larger curls thrroughout the hair can soften up a style and give it more movement and shape. You shouldn’t have to do the whole head.

The loose, wild, sexy look

Another way to achieve the Loose, Wild, Sexy look is to use different size of irons. Curl hair in different directions, too.

Natural curls are not all the same. Start some from the ends, others from the root and spiral down to the ends for that ringlet look. Even a bend or wave gives the illusion of movement. Hair that stays perfectly in place is passé’.